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Colosseum LifestyleColosseum LifestyleColosseum LifestyleColosseum LifestyleWearing – Top, Shorts & Sports Bra c/o Colosseum Brand 

photos by: Joann (the babe standing next to me).

Let’s face it we all want to look good while working out because when you look cute, you feel good and want to perform better. Well Colosseum does just that. Their activewear is both fashionable and functional. I must say it is the most comfortable activewear I own to date! I’m a huge fan of their sports bras (feels like you have nothing on)! Here is what I wore on my hike.


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ColosseumColosseumColosseumColosseumColosseumColosseumColosseumColosseumColosseumColosseumColosseumTop and Bottoms: c/o Colosseum, Flip Flops: c/o Panema

The weather has finally cooled down and it is such a beautiful day today to just relax (especially since I’ve had a long week), so I decided to take my baby out for a stroll wearing all Colosseum everything.
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.
For more on Colosseum, please visit their website here!