Pregnancy Pet Peeves

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Today I’m sharing my recent pregnancy pet peeves. I wasn’t planning on sharing this post until later in my pregnancy (end of second/going into my third trimester), but felt good about sharing it with you all now. If you read my Let’s Talk Babies blogpost awhile back, then you know what I mean by some of these pet peeves I’m about to share.

pregnancy pet peeves, pregnant, mommy, mom to be, mommy to be, pregnancy, baby, baby bump, bump, melrodstyle, street style, ootd, la blogger, latina blogger, hispanic blogger, mexican blogger, blogger style,



PEOPLE SHARING THEIR HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES – Here’s the thing, If you’re going to congratulate us, don’t then hit us with your horror baby stories. Save it for another time or if and when asked. Don’t say “congrats!” and then “oh you’re in for a rude awakening!” or “say goodbye to your social life!” Don’t be such a joy kill, seriously.

SO WAS THIS PREGNANCY PLANNED? “Sure was Helen. George and I took out our calendar and picked a date that best fit our schedule and wham, bam, thank you ma’am!  Insert sarcasm here, here – oh and here. This questions is so personal, so intimate and should not be asked, especially if you don’t know the person very well. I feel the same about this question as I do when people ask “So when are you going to have children?” – because what you’re really asking is when are you going to have unprotected sex. Am I right or am I right? It’s ok to ask “do you want to have children?”, but when you begin to ask the whens or why nots or how comes, that’s when it becomes too overwhelming. These are private questions and quite honestly none of anyone’s business.

TOUCHING THE BUMP – I don’t know why I don’t like this one very much. To be honest, it kinda gives me anxiety. The only person I don’t mind touching my belly is George, obviously, and a hand full of people. I think it’s so strange for someone to just reach over without asking to touch your belly, especially strangers or people you barely know. Touching someone’s body without asking is weird to me. I get it. Peoples’ intentions mean well; however, you should still ask before. I don’t know, maybe once my bump grows, I’ll feel differently about people touching my belly, but for now I would prefer for people to ask before reaching over.

BUMP SIZE – Everyone carries differently and everyone’s bodies are not the same. It’s not very nice to say that someone looks smaller or bigger than what they should be. Stop judging the bump size.

IS IT SAFE TO WORKOUT? – Again, everyone’s bodies are different – and as long as my doctor has given me the approval to continue working out, I will do just that. I obviously listen to my body, so when I am feeling tired, I do stop and take breaks. I am being careful and I am only doing exercises that were approved by my doctor. I’m not working out to be a bodybuilder. I’m working out to stay healthy and have an easier labor experience. My doctor encouraged me to work out before I was pregnant and still does, so until they say otherwise, I will continue to take my sweet little butt to the gym as long as I can.

IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SAY SOMETHING NICE, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL – This goes back to my baby blogpost here. If you just found out someone is pregnant (or in my case ME), don’t comment with “Finally” or “It’s about time you got pregnant.” It’s rude and unnecessary. You just never know if that person was having a hard time conceiving, and those comments may be hurtful. I’m not saying I had issues getting pregnant. What I am saying is that you never know what someone is going through just because they weren’t open about certain things in their life. Everyone is different, and what I decide to share publicly is one thing and what I keep private is another. Be careful what you say, and choose your words wisely. The pressure about babies was already so overwhelming enough, so these comments can really hurt someone.


I’m curious to know if any moms or moms-to-be out there can relate to the above. I’d love to hear your stories and pet peeves.




We’re Pregnant! First Trimester

We're Pregnant! First Trimester, first trimester, pregnant, pregnancy, baby on the way, baby, melrodbebe, melrodbump, new year, happy new year, 2018, parents, mom to be, melrodstyle, lifestyle, life

By now you’ve probably heard the news on social media. WE’RE PREGNANT! We’re going to have a baby! We’re going to be parents (woo hoo!) There’s legit a tiny human growing in my belly right now, and that to me is the most craziest most amazing feeling in the world. We cannot be anymore excited. I don’t even know where to begin. When we found out, all types of feelings were felt. Very emotional, because we found out a little after a week of us losing our baby Kujo. Both George and I literally cried because we both were thinking the same thing – that this was God. I guess you can say it was a blessing in disguise and a bitter sweet moment for us because I don’t know how I would be if we lost Kujo during this time. But I know Kujo is in a better place, and he lived a very long and happy life, and I will always be his furry momma.


I’ve been receiving a lot of questions, and so many comments from a lot of you on social media because this was a huge surprise. Many of you did not see this coming. So in this post – the first official baby blogpost of 2018, I will share a few questions I’ve received, what I learned, along with my first trimester experience.

We're Pregnant! First Trimester, first trimester, pregnant, pregnancy, baby on the way, baby, melrodbebe, melrodbump, new year, happy new year, 2018, parents, mom to be, melrodstyle, lifestyle, life

MORNING SICKNESS – Not everyone gets it, and I am so thankful I was one of them. I think this was a big reason why it was easy for me to hide my pregnancy news, because I actually felt great. The only thing I did notice was how strong my sense of smell got. For instance, the smell of wet dog food… barf!  It was definitely stronger than I remembered it being. Besides that though, I felt just fine. Going to the gym really helped keep my energy up. Again, very thankful that I was able to work out. And yes, my doctor approved my workout routine. In fact, they encouraged me to work out. Apparently there are so many benefits, along with an easier delivery experience. So you bet ya sweet butt, momma is going to do squats! 😉

CRAVINGS – I didn’t have any specific cravings. Just randomly would crave pho and veggie soup, and one time french toast, like whoa! I’ve been asked how I’m doing without drinking coffee, since we all know how I love my lattes and what not. Surprisingly, I haven’t been craving coffee, and I’ve been ok without it. I’ll treat myself to a latte here and there, but always get a small cup. When I do crave a cup of coffee, I make myself a Nespresso decaf coffee, and honestly, it’s just as good.

OTHER SYMPTOMS – When they said you pee every 5 seconds, they weren’t kidding. No joke! I pee even when I don’t feel like I have to pee, but I’ll go just in case, before leaving the house (TMI). The bloating, sore boobies, itchy belly are also even more real. I also, was having the most bizarre dreams and nightmares. I could not even explain them if I tried. Some were scary, some were sad – really sad. None of them ever made sense. I also have trouble sleeping at night and taking naps. Sometimes I felt tired, but couldn’t nap. I’m a horrible napper.

COUVADE – also known as sympathetic pregnancy for men. Oh yeah, it’s a thing ladies. George definitely felt some type of way during my first trimester. He felt tired, certain foods made him nauseas. He didn’t gain weight though (insert eye rolling emoji here). I didn’t even know this was a thing.

FEAR OF MISCARRYING – It’s real and I felt this so hard. I was so afraid that this would happen, because of all the stories you hear. I think it’s pretty natural and normal to feel this way, and for the word miscarriage to run through your head period.

FELT ALONE – because we kept our pregnancy news to ourselves. I had so many questions. I couldn’t ask my family or friends because George and I decided to wait until our second trimester to tell our family. So I googled EVERYTHING, and when I mean everything, I mean from sentences not even making sense to words that I’m so embarrassed for anyone to find on my history page – lol. Luckily, I downloaded my very first baby app (insert cheesy emoji here).

Lastly, thank you to everyone for all the sweet comments, direct messages, text messages, phone calls, visits. They truly mean a lot to us. We feel so loved, we feel the love, and feel so much love for this little nugget already. I cannot wait to be a mom and for this new life George and I will have. I cannot wait to begin this journey and share it with you all. If you have any questions or want to share your stories with us, please do. Comment below or DM on Instagram.

Any moms out there that have any tips for this new momma to be, please do share. I’d love to hear any tips and advice you can give. Also, any soon to be moms out there, I would love to hear from you, too.

It still feels so surreal. Like, is this really happening? Holy cow! Sh*t just got real!