Next Radio

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Have you downloaded the Next Radio app?! If not, get to know them. Read below for details!

NextRadio App is a free smartphone app that connects you with local FM radio directly on your mobile device. Utilizing your phone’s built in FM receiver hardware with 3X better battery life and 10X less data usage, NextRadio won’t drain your data plan or battery! Essential for the pool or a day at the beach. Combining FM radio broadcast with the internet, the app allows for a truly interactive and creative experience with album artwork, song details, station logos and program details. No longer limited to your car, NextRadio allows you to catch morning shows, talk radio, live DJ performances and music broadcasts from anywhere!

Additional features include:
Instant music sharing through social media
Instant music buying through your device
Contact for stations you love
Real time visuals of on air content
Browsing by genre, frequency, favorites, and recently played
Station schedule content
41 Supported Devices

Let’s get back to basics while bringing radio to your smartphone! Follow @nextradioapp to keep up to date and make sure to check out their blog which features behind the scenes interviews, exclusive news and emerging artists.