Attention All Boss Babes

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Attention All Boss Babes

Today’s blogpost is different than what I normally share on my blog, but I definitely wanted to share as I feel this topic is very important, especially as an influencer and being my own boss. So listen up bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, millennials, business owners, etc. This topic actually applies to everyone, honestly. Have a seat, stay awhile because you’re going to want to read about

If you are not already familiar with Joany or know what they do, allow me to introduce you to them. is essentially an app that strives to help people navigate the mess of health care. In a perfect world, buying healthcare would be just as easy as buying anything in life, right? Well, that’s where Joany comes in – or better yet saves the day. They help people find the best insurance, doctors, prescriptions, and so much more without the hassle. Their mission at Joany is to make buying health insurance simple and very transparent at the most affordable price. Joany is solely focused on customer service, and are dedicated to provide a personal experience with the absolute most highest possible service that can be found anywhere in the world. Say what?! This is not a typo by the way. You are reading this correctly. I know when I first learned about them, I couldn’t believe it either. I mean, this is too good to be true, right?

Joany,, healthcare, healthcare insurance, medical insurance, insurance, benefits, boss babes, business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers, self employed, independent, melrodstyle

As an influencer, especially after leaving my nine to five job to pursue blogging as a full time career, I knew that my benefits would change drastically. I knew that leaving my corporate job would mean no more insurance, and all the beautiful perks that come with working for a corporate company. This was a huge reason why it was difficult for me to leave my job because what was I going to do with no insurance? One must ALWAYS think of all the what ifs, because I had no clue what I would do without healthcare insurance. These are some of the things that most bloggers do not talk about, but I felt the need to share this with all my followers/readers, including other entrepreneurs and bloggers in case there was someone out there that was looking for better healthcare options. Finding the right healthcare insurance is such a drag, which is why I wanted to talk about, and help spread awareness that there is a better option in finding the right healthcare for you. Joany makes it super easy and convenient for us entrepreneurs.

So, now that you know a little more about Joany and what they offer, be sure to visit them online and register. Right now they’re offering $50 to people who qualify for their research study which gives you access to their healthcare concierge service. If you already have health insurance, Joany can help you answer tons of questions about your plan. If you don’t have health insurance, open enrollment is just around the corner and they can help you find a plan so make sure you sign up! Joany values the input they receive, which is why they compensate people for helping them improve this unique service. I think this is so awesome.

Here is the direct link to fill out the research study:

 I hope this post was helpful for you guys. I know it was for me.


5 Natural Anxiety Remedies

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Today’s post is not like my usual ones. I decided to share something that I deal with on a regular. Anxiety.

Here are 5 natural anxiety remedies I use when I’m feeling anxious and cannot sleep…

Stress ReLeaf Herbal Soft Gels: Because I refuse to take Xanax. These are completely natural supplements, which help reduce stress, restlessness, nervousness and anxiety.

Meditation: I decided to try this because I’ve heard nothing but positive things. I bought a singing bowl, and did notice how soothing and calm this method is. Taking deep breaths while doing this helps.

Lavender Oils: My sister-in-law is a firm believer of using oils.

Take a Time Out: Remove yourself from your computer, phone and anything related to social media, and take a break. I tried coloring and found it to be very therapeutic.

Earlobe Massages: I know what you’re thinking. That’s crazy!… So weird?… WTF? I thought the exact same. To be honest it’s very relaxing just like meditation.

I hope you find this to be helpful for you or anyone you know that deals with Anxiety. If you or anyone you know gets anxiety like I do, and have any suggestions or tips on how to deal with anxiety, please send my way. I’d love to hear new remedies that help!