How to Make Friends as an Adult

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How to Make Friends as an Adult

Adulting is hard, that’s something we all know and are well aware of. After high school, you go off to college, meet new friends or dorm-mates, then get ready for the big world – corporate.

When they say you often don’t stay friends with the people you went to high school with, I thought they were crazy. I laughed in fact. I never thought this could be true. I still keep in touch with a few of my best friends from grade school (so blessed and thankful for that), but definitely lost some that I thought I would never. Most of my close friends now are either George’s best friend’s significant other, coworkers turned friends, blogger friends, or my sisters and cousins… they count as friends, right?!

Please note that this blogpost is no way of me encouraging others to have more friends. I’m perfectly fine with the friends I currently have (I’d rather have less true friendships than a lot of fake ones), however; if you are looking to expand your network of friends or just moved to a new town or are getting ready to have a baby (like me), and want to network with girls who share similar interests as you, then keep on reading.

I’ve complied a few tips on how to make friends as an adult. Hope you enjoy.

JOIN CLUBS OR ATTEND A NETWORKING EVENT: Whether it’s joining a book club, or a facebook group chat, or attending a network event – this is an easy way to network and have meet ups in your area.

HOST A BRUNCH OR A PARTY: Invite a few of your gal pals and tell them to bring a friend. The more the better.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Utilize the many different social media platforms that are out there and start engaging with people that share mutual hobbies or interests you do.

TAKE A CLASS: Maybe take a yoga class or a cooking class. These are ways to expand your circle of friends.

HAPPY HOUR WITH COWORKERS: Work is one of the most popular places to make long lasting friendships. I speak for myself as many of my friends now are people I once worked with. Hit up happy hour after work.


Ok, who wants to be friends?! Raise your hand! 🙂