MelRodStyle Turns 7 Today!

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MelRodStyle Turns 7 Today!


Feeling pretty overwhelmed, excited, speechless, anxious (for whatever reason.. idk), happy, blessed, grateful, thankful, love, a little emotional, but overall proud. Proud of myself (pats back). I feel like we never really give ourselves enough credit or any for what we have accomplished or how far we have come. And today I’m just feeling all kinds of emotions. Feelings on top of feelings. I know some may think I’m being so dramatic, some might think this is not a big deal – but it is to me. I wasn’t prepared for this day (ok now I’m being totally dramatic). I knew June 15 was coming, but I didn’t prepare a blogpost or what I would publish on this day, so here it is… as I draft this post, literally just typing away whatever comes to mind.

 MelRodStyle has become something greater than I had expected. A business I never thought existed or could even exist. It never crossed my mind that perhaps a “blog” can be my main source of income. My baby.

I decided to share a few fun facts about me/MelRodStyle, but before I do I wanted to say THANK YOU to you all who have shown love and support to my baby blog. I sound like I’m giving a speech for winning some type of an award an all, but to be truly honest, my blog wouldn’t be what it has become without you all, so thank you from the bottom of my corazon.

  • MelRodStyle was originally called Modanista Junkie, which lasted a few months until it was changed to MelRodStyle.
  • Mel Rod came from simply the first 3 letters of my first and last name. My very first email began with MelRod so it just felt natural to name my blog that.
  • Although I started my blog in 2010, it wasn’t until 2016 that my blog became more than just a hobby.
  • My blog began with nothing but OOTDs and DIYs.
  • I’ve never deleted a blogpost or an Instagram post even if it was the worst outfit or if it was a terrible photo, mainly because I like to look back on how much I’ve grown as a person as well as how far my blog has come.
  • I’m sure I don’t stand alone when I say that it was completely awkward and embarrassing to take photos in the beginning. Like who do I think I am taking outfit photos… for who? for what? But here we are today.
  • I was working in the fashion industry for many years while blogging on the side.
  • It wasn’t until I started feeling very overwhelmed and had to turn down opportunities because of my full-time 9-5 job, that I took the plunge, stepped out of my comfort zone, took a leap of faith, made the biggest decision of my life – not knowing if this would bite me in the a*$ in the end or not, and left my corporate job.


It’s incredible what blogging has evolved to today. I’m completely humbled and blessed to be able to say I can work for myself. The hustle is real, but I would much rather work hard for something I’m passionate about and can call my own than stress over someone else’s dream. What I’m trying to say is that if you are passionate about something or want to build something of your very own, then go for it. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. I did. It took me longer than expected but I did it, and haven’t looked back since. Even though it took me almost 7 years to get to where I am today, it all happened for a reason. The timing wasn’t right for me back then. I truly believe that timing is everything.

I hope that this post inspires you to pursue your dreams.

As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment below or DM on Instagram @melrodstyle.



How to Juggle Blog Life and Real Life


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How to Juggle Blog Life and Real Life….

Really wish I could say “OMG, it’s SOOO easy. All you have to do is this, this, and that!”  Wish it were as easy as snapping my fingers. That would honestly be amazing and make my life easier, LOL.

Balancing work and play isn’t that easy but you have to always keep in mind to find a happy medium, especially with family and friends.

How to Juggle Blog Life and Real Life

This is how I juggle both my blog life and really life, that have actually helped me stay sane….

  • I try to get all my work done before George gets home from work, so that I can be present and give him my full attention.
  • I always work my schedule around his. On his days off, I will make sure to clear my schedule, whether it’s skipping events (unless it’s a campaign) or scheduling my meetings and appointments on days he’s working.
  • I make sure my blog and social media content is scheduled and done at the beginning of the week so that it is less stressful when I’m trying to do real life things outside of blogging.
  • When I get campaigns while I’m traveling with George, I like to get them out of the way by shooting all content early in the morning, so that we can enjoy the rest of the day, and enjoy each other’s company.
  • I often meet with my blogger friends to shoot content together so that when I’m spending time with family and friends, I don’t bother them for a photo.
  • I always make a list of things I need to get done. What’s important and what can wait. Prioritizing is key.

Sure, things come up and don’t always work out the way you expect them to, but what I’ve learned is having a plan is VERY helpful, and makes your life so much easier.

Besides, happy hubby, happy….

Wait, I don’t think that’s how it goes. 😉


What It’s Like Being A Full Time Blogger

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What It’s Like Being A Full Time Blogger…

Well… it definitely has it’s pros and cons. I love being completely transparent with all of you guys because that’s just the kind of person I am in real life – duh. I thought I’d share the good, the bad and the ugly side of blogging, and what it really looks like.

From an outsider looking in, it seems so glamorous and perfect, free clothes all day everyday, fun trips, fancy brunches… seems like a full time vacation, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for all the opportunities and beyond blessed to be where I am today with my blog. I am not complaining nor am I asking for a pity party. What I am saying is that as a blogger (I’ll speaker myself), I will only share positive content on my social media channels – whether it’d be fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel related topics to anything that I love sharing, and occasional personal posts. At the end of the day, my job requires me to be on my phone 24/7. It’s a business I’m trying to run, and I need to keep it very professional but authentic as much as possible. So before anyone makes assumptions that our lives are so “picture perfect”, you should really think before assuming because you never know what someone is going through. We’re humans. As much as our social media shows otherwise, it’s not as pretty as you think. It is only natural to think that we live the most amazing and glamorous lives, because no one wants to share anything negative, I mean why would you? I know I don’t. I hate being around negative people.

“Must be nice to be traveling.” “Oh, must be nice eating brunch in the middle of the week.” You’re so lucky.” “Ugh, I wish I had your life. ” 

Must be nice? Yeah it actually is. It’s nice being able to treat myself for working hard. It’s the perks you get for hustling. Lucky? perhaps. Lucky I get to wake up and work hard to do what I love.

Just a few comments I get on social media. I don’t understand why people think that I was handed everything to me. That’s not the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing and get to do what I love to do as a job. I work extremely hard to get to where I am today. You want it so badly? Then go get it. MAKE IT HAPPEN. HUSTLE. You want to start your own business? Then get up and do it. Figure it out. I did. There is no 9-5 for me. I wake up and get on the computer, and start working. And sometimes don’t end my day until past midnight, but guess what? I love it. I love what I do so it doesn’t seem like work to me.

The Good…

Free clothes, meeting new people, attending events, getting paid to do what you love, share your work with your followers… I can keep going on all the good from blogging. I am so thankful for all of my followers/readers who show me nothing but love and support on this platform and social media. You guys are seriously the best!

The Bad…

People think it’s so easy being a blogger. It’s not, you guys. It’s a lot of work. From shooting all day multiple outfits a day, changing in your car (yup that’s normal), trying to have a real life outside of blogging. You never clock out. There’s no off-button. Sacrifices are made constantly.

The Ugly…

Expect people to continuously dismiss your work as a real job. Some companies – even family and friends don’t take you seriously. I think it’s because they don’t get it. They don’t understand what you are trying to build. You’re constantly having to prove yourself and educate people to understand your business and what blogging and social media has evolved to today. It’s a constant battle between being so passionate about something you strongly believe in and often questioning yourself “What am I doing with my life?” – quite possibly start believing “they” who don’t believe in your work, which leads to shutting down.

The struggle is real sometimes.

At the end of the day though, I would not trade anything in the world. I do not miss my 9-5 corporate job. I am forever grateful and blessed to be able to blog full time and share my life and love with you guys. You all mean the world to me, seriously.

I really hope this shed some light to anyone reading, and possibly educate anyone out there that is new to the blogging world or didn’t quite understand it before. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or DM on instagram @melrodstyle.


Vlog 1: Breakfast and Costco


Hey boos! Happy Monday!

I decided for 2017, I’d begin to focus more on videos, so here’s the first one. Stay tuned for more videos. I plan to share more vlogs, lookbooks, possibly beauty…

I hope you enjoy it, and leave a comment below on what you’d like to see more of.