What To Wear For The Holidays Under 100


The time has come. Holidays are here, and the real important question is what do I wear for…?

Whether you’re attending a fancy holiday party/event, or going to a company party, Christmas dinner, or anything holiday related, I’ve got you covered boo. I decided to put together a few holiday items that are all under $100 – duh. Because why would you spend more than that?

Scratch that. I’ll speak for myself. I don’t like spending a lot on clothing or accessories because I don’t think you have to in order to look ahmazing!

Velvet Bardot Top – TopShop

Velvet Pleat Midi Skirt – TopShop

ASOS Tulle Prom Skirt with Multi Layer and Trim – Asos

Semelle Pendant – BaubleBar

Black Velvet Seduction Bodysuit – Windsor

Burgundy Intimate Velvet Dress – Windsor

Gold 12 Row Rhinestone Choker – Windsor

Natural Faux Fur Scarf – Windsor

Katie Black Full Sequin Formal Dress – Windsor

Black Pretty Young Thing Blazer – Windsor

Navy Longing Velvet Mini – Windsor

Cressida Natural Sparkling Goddess Dress – Windsor

Black Ombre Sequin Pants – Windsor

Black Star Dust Glitter Romper – Windsor

Rose Gold Holiday Cheer Jumpsuit – Windsor

Black Slit Life Living Midi – Windsor

Burgundy Puppy Love Jacket – Windsor

Gray Velvet Renaissance Booties – Windsor

Natural Buckle Down Heels – Windsor

Black Faux Fur Clutch – Windsor

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!



The 90’s Look

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Who doesn’t love the ’90s? Many of us grew up in the grunge-soaked decade filled with boy bands, epic sitcoms, and the introduction of mainstream internet. It’s hard for anyone that grew up back then to think of any specific low points or note anything they would look back on and frown.

Just kidding. As with any generation looking back on their youth, some of our fashion choices are enough to make us cringe.

Of course this doesn’t mean all of the decades styles. Some of the trends from the ’90s have come back in full force this year, but there are definitely still some that everyone would like to keep in the past for good. If you want to recreate a successful ’90s look, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Don’t Wear Tie-Dye Tops; Do Wear Flannel
Unless you’re starring in an episode of Clarissa Explains It All, tie-dye shirts should probably remain exclusively as night shirts/pajama wear, and maybe as a workout shirt if you’re feeling bold.

Instead, if you want a ’90s top, go with flannel. Not only is it an iconic pattern/fabric from the decade, now that the fall weather has arrived, it’s also a comfy shirt for the season. According to this article from Hollywire, the look is great with a pair of classic denim jeans as well as when paired underneath a cardigan and used as an accent piece. You can also tie the bottom of the shirt around your waist for some extra ’90s flair, which brings us right back to Clarissa

Don’t Wear Yin-Yang or Peace Necklaces; Do Wear Chokers
Who among us didn’t have a slew of yin-yang and peace symbol jewelry? Pair one of them with a mood ring and the odd toe ring or ankle bracelet, and your jewelry was on point in the ’90s.

The bad news is that you still probably won’t get much use out of that jewelry. The good news is that if you had a collection of chokers, you can feel proud showing them off again.

Even better, if you already ditched your old chokers, you can achieve the same look with a shoelace. As one post from Elite Daily explains, one girl posted a photo of herself on twitter wearing a shoelace wrapped around her neck in a bow, and everyone went nuts over it. Find a thick, black shoe lace, and you can easily achieve the same romantic look on a shoe string budget…Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Don’t Wear Jellies; Do Wear Dr. Martens
Who thought these shoes were a good idea? They’re not comfortable, fashionable, or practical in the slightest. They’re stiff, sweaty, and downright ugly, and that’s speaking as someone who actually wore them back in the nineties! When preteens saw these shoes in a video from the Scene, they looked at them puzzled, asking nothing more than “why?” I wish I could answer them, but I can’t. Chalk it up to poor shoe judgement.

The same kids, however, gave a nod of approval to Dr. Martens. One girl even went on describing how much she loved the multiple pairs she owned. They’re definitely back, and they’re much more comfortable than a pair of jellies. Pair them with a skirt, dress, or tights, or any top and pair of black leggings.

The ’90s might have come and gone but their fashion will live on forever, for better or worse. Whenever possible, let’s try and make it for the better and skip the embarrassing styles best left in the past.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity… a topic I’ve been seeing a lot of other influencers speak on. This topic has been weighing heavily on me for quite some time now and I’ve finally made the decision to address it and express my feelings about it.  So here they are….

Since day 1, Instagram has been a platform for me to share outfits of the day, beauty, DIYs and anything else I love. I’ve always treated my instagram like an album, sort of like a yearbook, that I can post photos and look back to see how far I’ve come, how much I’ve changed, how much I’ve grown – from the things I like – to what I wore – to how I look – to the captions I chose – to even the hashtags I shared.

From time to time, I find myself scrolling down my feed to go back to those special moments and events that have occurred in my life. Perhaps I do this to reminisce on old times or to laugh at myself for whatever I was into during that time.

I have been blogging since 2010, and while I may not have the “number of followers” or “number of likes” other influencers may have that may or may not have been blogging for that long, it is really disheartening when brands do not value the content you produce that I feel is just as creative and great of work that other influencers create. The only difference is a number that seems to “divide” us – that every brand seems to think is far more important than the quality of work that goes into each photo.

While I love to create pretty photos and inspire others, I love following accounts that bring inspiration to my life as well. But with all this obsession of the number of followers, the number of likes and comments you receive has gotten out of hand. Don’t get me wrong – I, too am guilty of hitting the refresh button on my instagram to see how many likes I’ve receive in the first 2 minutes, hoping that it’s over 12 likes at least, and hoping if I share 1,000 hashtags someone will comment quickly to hide it because it’s embarrassing to have that showing on your feed. And often wondering why my photos do not get as many likes as others. It’s almost convinced me that my work is not good enough because no one “liked” it. I, too have let this consume my life by stressing over a number. A number!… While I’m writing this post, I’m thinking how silly this is. It sounds so stupid. What has life become? Is it really worth it?

With the  new changes Instagram has made recently, it is only natural to be concerned, and sure it’s ok to wonder why your following isn’t growing as fast as others may be, but to let it consume you entirely and dwell over is something I refuse to do.

I’ve learned to say ‘fuck it’. I will no longer stress or get anxiety over a number that does not determine the value or quality of my work. It’s ridiculous. There are far more important things to be concerned about in life, and this “number” is sure not one of them. I’ve realized that yes my work is good enough and yes my work is worth more than a number. I refused for my blog or my work to be labeled as a number.

I hope that anyone reading this understands where I am coming from and does not take offense to this because this post is not intended to do so by any means.

Feel free to comment below or contact me if you have any questions.

Simply Stylist x Dove Amazing Moments

I’ve partnered with Simply Stylist and Dove to share how sometimes the moments that make us sweat are the most amazing moments of all.

Dove recently released their new Amazing Moments campaign that puts Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant to the test during a real woman’s surprise proposal to the love of her life. Watching Dove’s Amazing Moments campaign video reminded me of how nerve-wracking and stressful it was leading up to and on my wedding day. I felt nervous, anxious, excited, happy… every emotion and feeling you can possibly think of, I felt them.

The big day was here. The moment that I had been waiting for was finally here. Although I was so happy and over the moon, I remembered feeling so emotional and flustered because of the weather forecast. It stated there was a 50% chance of rain. Throughout the morning, it rained and then stopped, and then rained some more. With my wedding venue being outdoor, my main concern was that the rain would ruin both the ceremony and reception. As one can only imagine, I was panicking. I was in full panic-mode during hair and makeup. Meanwhile, my bridesmaids were trying to keep me calm, and stay positive for me. “It won’t rain. It’ll be perfect. And even if it did rain, they say it’s good luck.” – they all said.

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photographer: Hailley Howard

I could hear the rain pouring down as we were on our way to the ceremony. I remembered taking a deep breath, thinking to myself that everything would be ok. As I stepped foot outside the limo, the rain literally stopped. It was pure magic. I realized at that point on that my bridesmaids were absolutely right. No matter what happened — rain or shine– the wedding would go on, and it would be beautiful. And it was. The rain made the wedding more beautiful, and I’m actually happy it did rain. My bridesmaids sure did help me get through this nerve-wracking moment.

Dove Clinical Protection offers undeniable wetness protection and has 1/4 moisturizer to care for skin, so you’re protected throughout life’s amazing moments.



Please visit Dove.com/DoveClinicalProtection to view the film.

Memorial Day Sale


Before the long holiday weekend is over, I wanted to share a few styles that caught my eye while I was online perusing on Nordstrom, which all are under $100 BTW. 🙂

  1. Fringe Bag, $21.98
  2. Off The Shoulder Top, $21.60
  3. Off The Shoulder Cover-Up Top, $27
  4. Pointy Toe Flats, $27.99
  5. Floppy Faux Suede Fedora, $13.98
  6. Cover-Up Dress, $52.26
  7. Off The Shoulder Romper, $25.20
  8. Off The Shoulder Crop Top, $46.23
  9. Crochet Bikini Top, $72.36
  10. Wide Brim Boater Hat, $13.98

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!




MelRod Bach

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I am off to a quick road trip with my girls for my bachelorette party today.

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Bridal Shower

XK5A5990 XK5A6072 XK5A6173 XK5A6160 XK5A6145 XK5A6151 XK5A5999 XK5A6016 XK5A6012 XK5A6003 XK5A5900 XK5A5876 XK5A5916 XK5A5936 XK5A5979 XK5A5966 XK5A5902 WB9A6019 XK5A6084 XK5A6042 XK5A6036 XK5A6044 XK5A6049 XK5A6057 XK5A6108 XK5A6190 XK5A5883 XK5A5884 XK5A6026 XK5A6024 WB9A6021 WB9A6029 WB9A6039 WB9A6044 XK5A6096 XK5A5887

And just like that, I’m checking off the bridal shower. It’s true what they say “time flies when you’re having fun”. With less than two months away, it’s really starting to sink in. I’m so close to becoming a “Mrs.”, to officially changing my last name and becoming a wife to the love of my life. Oh my god, I am getting a knot in my throat as I’m writing this post. I’m getting so choked up just thinking about it all. Happy tears, I promise.

My bridesmaids threw me the most amazing bridal shower ever. I was beyond speechless. They absolutely captured my vision, and I am forever grateful for my girls. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my sisters and friend Evelyn.

My sisters received a lovely gift from my friends at Vince Camuto. They gifted all my bridesmaids, including myself, a pair of heels from their gorgeous collection to wear for the big day. My fiancé got a pair of moccasins as well… Doesn’t he look so handsome?! 🙂

It has been such a privilege to share this new chapter in my life with all of you. It’s so personal and such a special time in my life. I feel so much love, and I am so thankful and so happy to be surrounded by my close friends and family. I cannot wait to share more with you all.



Photographer: Hailley Howard

Shoes c/o Vince Camuto

Vintage Fan Bridal Shower Favors c/o BonFortune

Earrings c/o Jessica Elliot

David’s Bridal Bridesmaid Dresses

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Reality just hit!!! I’m getting married in less than 4 months! Ahhh!

With my wedding quickly approaching, it was time to get serious and find the perfect dress for my bridesmaids.  From the beginning, I knew I wanted each of my girls to wear something different because they are all unique, so expressing this through their dresses was a no brainer for me.

From pinning like a mad woman to following tons of wedding inspiration accounts on social media, I was in love with texture and delicate details. I knew I wanted to incorporate lace, metallics and some beading details.

Since David’s Bridal is known for amazing value for quality and price, it was a natural choice for me to begin my search there. With so many new styles added each season, over 100 styles, 50+ colors available (some under $250), it was extremely difficult to narrow down my selection because the dresses were all so beautiful. From lace to plenty of mix and match options with coordinating fabrics, colors and silhouettes to metallic details to convertible dresses, which allows each bridesmaid to customize her look by tying the straps to her preference, to prints. David’s Bridal has an extensive selection of gowns and dresses in a variety of silhouettes and styles.

The most important thing for me during this process, was for each of my girls to be 100% happy with their dress. I wanted them to feel just as happy as I was when I found my dress, which is why I wanted them in different styles within the same color palette. When you have 5 girls all with different styles and personalities, choosing the right dress can get tricky, which is why I wanted my girls to find the perfect silhouette for their body type and personality.

Luckily, with the help of David’s Bridal and their amazing staff, I was able to curate a selection of dresses and get ideas of what I liked for each of my bridesmaids. One thing I learned during my appointment was that David’s Bridal has a new Bridesmaid Style Finder Tool, which quizzes brides or bridesmaids to help them find the perfect bridesmaid dress style.

If you are a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid or simply looking for a gown for a special event, I highly recommend to visit David’s Bridal. They have over 300 stores located in the US, Canada, UK and Puerto Rico. www.davidsbridal.com.

For all things #MandGtobe, please follow along on instagram @melrodstyle. I am so excited to share so much more, so be sure to stay connected!


New Year 2016

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Where do I even begin…..

Farewell 2015!

2015 was a wonderful year. This year was filled with love and great memories. Lots of wedding planning. New adventures. New friends. New beginnings. New challenges. New reflections. No regrets.

Hello 2016!

2016 is going to be another wonderful year. I just know it. This upcoming year will be filled with new beginnings. A new chapter in our lives (future hubby and I). I will be marrying the love of my life next year. I will officially be a wife (don’t panic). There is so much to look forward to, and so much that I don’t even know what to expect. But I’m excited. I’m excited for it all. To continue living my life surrounded by my dearest friends and family. To continue living my life with my other half (better half) and our four furry babies. Life is good. Life will only get better.

“taking more breaks to enjoy the ride”. That’s my goal for 2016. What’s yours?

Thank you to all of my wonderful followers. I’m so grateful for each and everyone of you. I look forward to what 2016 has in store for us, and I hope you all continue to join me as I begin a new chapter in my life.

p.s. I will have my YOUTube channel up and running for 2016. Get excited because I am!

Cheers everyone!


Home Wishlist


I’ve been online browsing for a few things for the house, and stumbled upon these cute little items I sort of, kind of, need to have to have.