Pregnancy Pet Peeves

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Today I’m sharing my recent pregnancy pet peeves. I wasn’t planning on sharing this post until later in my pregnancy (end of second/going into my third trimester), but felt good about sharing it with you all now. If you read my Let’s Talk Babies blogpost awhile back, then you know what I mean by some of these pet peeves I’m about to share.

pregnancy pet peeves, pregnant, mommy, mom to be, mommy to be, pregnancy, baby, baby bump, bump, melrodstyle, street style, ootd, la blogger, latina blogger, hispanic blogger, mexican blogger, blogger style,



PEOPLE SHARING THEIR HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES – Here’s the thing, If you’re going to congratulate us, don’t then hit us with your horror baby stories. Save it for another time or if and when asked. Don’t say “congrats!” and then “oh you’re in for a rude awakening!” or “say goodbye to your social life!” Don’t be such a joy kill, seriously.

SO WAS THIS PREGNANCY PLANNED? “Sure was Helen. George and I took out our calendar and picked a date that best fit our schedule and wham, bam, thank you ma’am!  Insert sarcasm here, here – oh and here. This questions is so personal, so intimate and should not be asked, especially if you don’t know the person very well. I feel the same about this question as I do when people ask “So when are you going to have children?” – because what you’re really asking is when are you going to have unprotected sex. Am I right or am I right? It’s ok to ask “do you want to have children?”, but when you begin to ask the whens or why nots or how comes, that’s when it becomes too overwhelming. These are private questions and quite honestly none of anyone’s business.

TOUCHING THE BUMP – I don’t know why I don’t like this one very much. To be honest, it kinda gives me anxiety. The only person I don’t mind touching my belly is George, obviously, and a hand full of people. I think it’s so strange for someone to just reach over without asking to touch your belly, especially strangers or people you barely know. Touching someone’s body without asking is weird to me. I get it. Peoples’ intentions mean well; however, you should still ask before. I don’t know, maybe once my bump grows, I’ll feel differently about people touching my belly, but for now I would prefer for people to ask before reaching over.

BUMP SIZE – Everyone carries differently and everyone’s bodies are not the same. It’s not very nice to say that someone looks smaller or bigger than what they should be. Stop judging the bump size.

IS IT SAFE TO WORKOUT? – Again, everyone’s bodies are different – and as long as my doctor has given me the approval to continue working out, I will do just that. I obviously listen to my body, so when I am feeling tired, I do stop and take breaks. I am being careful and I am only doing exercises that were approved by my doctor. I’m not working out to be a bodybuilder. I’m working out to stay healthy and have an easier labor experience. My doctor encouraged me to work out before I was pregnant and still does, so until they say otherwise, I will continue to take my sweet little butt to the gym as long as I can.

IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SAY SOMETHING NICE, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL – This goes back to my baby blogpost here. If you just found out someone is pregnant (or in my case ME), don’t comment with “Finally” or “It’s about time you got pregnant.” It’s rude and unnecessary. You just never know if that person was having a hard time conceiving, and those comments may be hurtful. I’m not saying I had issues getting pregnant. What I am saying is that you never know what someone is going through just because they weren’t open about certain things in their life. Everyone is different, and what I decide to share publicly is one thing and what I keep private is another. Be careful what you say, and choose your words wisely. The pressure about babies was already so overwhelming enough, so these comments can really hurt someone.


I’m curious to know if any moms or moms-to-be out there can relate to the above. I’d love to hear your stories and pet peeves.




2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Pet Peeves

  1. Hi mel😘 why is this my first time on your blog???🤔 do let me just start by saying congratulations once again! Babies are such a blessing, I love being a mom, I’m sure you will too. Now let’s talk pet peeves. I wanted to share this experience with you because a lot of people think I’m this really tough person (which I am) but I have feelings and I don’t go around acting like this big bad bully, with that being said I tend to get a lot of people saying rude things to me or coming off aggressively to me, hate it! I don’t know if I have you on Facebook but back in 2015 I posted a pregnancy photo on there as well as Instagram, I was 4 or 5months, I already knew what the gender was, the comments o got were, “was this planned” “I can’t beliebe you didn’t tell me” “what a friend, I had no idea BUT Congrats”. I was seriously in tears with those comments and ppl were also texting me with this. What they didn’t know was, in July or August of 2015 I was pregnant, I was so excited, right before I could share the news I woke up and there was blood everywhere, I miscarried. In general we should all be kind because you just don’t know what people do not share for whatever reason, but coming from people close to me was disappointing and extremely hurtful. My response to them was my truth and then they didn’t know how to respond and then it was just uncomfortable. Your peeves are understandable and from experience don’t be afraid to tell people when they need to be told, and enjoy the bump whether it be big or small, stretch marks or not, this is the most beautiful thing you’ll ever do, give that life girl! Love ya, miss you❤️

    1. OMG, thank you so much for sharing this. I know you really didn’t have to and I’m so thankful and happy you did. Thank you. You are absolutely right with all points you listed. It is very hurtful, especially when it’s close friends or family members that are judging or making it about themselves. Thank you so much for sharing your story. And thank you so much for all the well wishes. We’re super excited and cannot wait. Love ya and miss you too. 🙂

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