Packing Tips for a Summer Getaway

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As I am just a few hours away from taking off to Puerto Vallarta, still not packed not even a little bit. DON’T PANIC., decided I’d share what I usually pack when I’m headed somewhere warmer.

Packing Tips for a Summer Getaway.

Here are a just a few tips of what I like to pack…

  • I always try on every single piece of item that I plan to bring with me. Trust me, this prevents from over packing. So much easier and less stressful.
  • Pack basics white and black tees and tank tops. These are perfect for day to night outfits, and they make great layering pieces.
  • Pack a few sandals and one pair of sneakers. You really only need 2-3 pairs of shoes plus a pair of flip flops. Honestly, I never pack heels anymore because I noticed every time I do bring heels with me, I never end up wearing them. Lesson learned.
  • Swimsuits, obvi. I always like to bring one for each day. I like to pack one-piece swimsuits as well because you can use them as tops paired with shorts.
  • At last three pairs of shorts and one denim skirt. These double as swimsuit cover ups, too.
  • Pack 1-2 maxi dresses. Dresses are always a must because they’re perfect for either day time or night time.
  • One to two pairs of sunglasses. I always pack cheapy sunnies, just in case they get lost.
  • Bring at least one statement piece of jewelry. For me, I’m really into earrings so I’m definitely packing statement earrings and dainty layered necklaces.
  • If you’re married, I suggest leaving your wedding rings at home. Both George and I never travel anywhere internationally with our rings. You just never know if they get lost or stolen.
  • Pack your beauty products in one bag away from any of your tech accessories, such as chargers, batteries, camera, etc…
  • Don’t forget hair ties and bobby pins, especially if you’re planning to travel somewhere humid.
  • Bring dry shampoo, and anything you need to protect your hair from the heat. HOT MESS HAIR, I DO CARE.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen.
  • Pack little to no makeup. I never pack a lot of makeup because I don’t like to wear makeup while I’m out laying by the pool or the beach. I keep it very minimal. Instead, I pack a tinted moisturizer, anything that already has sunscreen. Pack at least one neutral and one pop of color lipstick, and bring a bronzer.
  • Either carry your hat(s) with you on the plane or pack upside down in your suitcase. Fill it up with either swimsuits, undergarments or socks, and fold/roll your clothes and pack around your hat to secure your hat from moving or bending around. This will help from damaging your hats.
  • Bring a tote bag to serve as a carry-on. It’ll double as a beach bag as well. Also, you really only need one day bag (cross body or backpack) and one clutch for the evening.
  • Pack neutral color clothing. If you want to add a pop of color to your outfits, accessories and shoes are always the way to go. My go-to colors are always neutrals, but I like playing with colors with my shoes and jewelry.

I hope these packing tips are helpful!

Happy traveling, and happy Cinco de Mayo!