Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories

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Instagram stories or Snapchat stories? Which platform do you prefer?

As a blogger, it is really difficult to be on both and try to create different content as oppose to sharing every snapchat story onto Insta stories, which I’m guilty of. It honestly makes no sense. What’s the point of following you on both platforms if you’re going to be sharing the exact same content, right?

Here are my thoughts on Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories…

Instagram Stories:


  • You can see and click on users who view your stories (I see you boo boo).
  • Hands-free video is awesome.
  • You can tag a brand/person, which will lead you to their Instagram profile with just a click of a button. Very convenient when working with a brand.
  • Video seems longer but not really sure if they are.
  • The Boomerang feature is my favorite.
  • You can go live.
  • You can be more creative with the drawing and text tools, especially since you can create multiple text lines.
  • You get more views.
  • You can view a photo longer by pressing down on your screen. Love this feature because I am able to read a longer caption if needed.


  • You can’t see who screen shots your stories, which is annoying.
  • There are no fun filters.
  • You cannot control the length of each photo or video.
  • Once the stories are done, it automatically takes you to the next person, which I can definitely do without.
  • You don’t have the fast-forward, rewind or slow-motion tool.
  • You can only upload photos from your camera phone that were taken within 24 hours, otherwise you’ll have to screen shot & crop your photos to appear within the 24hr time frame.
  • If you save your stories, they automatically appear in your camera roll versus within the app itself.


Snapchat Stories:


  • Geo tags and filters are the best.
  • You can control the length of each photo and video.
  • All stories saved are saved within the app and not necessarily in your camera roll, however you do have the option of doing both.
  • You can upload from your camera roll without any restrictions.
  • You can see who screen shots and re-plays your stories.
  • You can create your own geo tag for special events.


  • Although Snapchat let’s you see who views your stories, you’re limited because you cannot click through their profile to see exactly who they are unless you know them by their screen name.
  • You can mention a brand, however they will not be notified that they have been tagged or mentioned.
  • The drawing tools can be better.
  • Views aren’t nearly as great.
  • No Boomerang or Live feature.

 So, which platform do you prefer?

In my opinion, if Instagram stories had better filters, be able to control the length of each story, and be able to see who screen shots your stories, then I would probably stop using snapchat altogether. Although I find myself more active on Insta stories, I am having a bit of separation anxiety and completely letting go of Snapchat. I do believe that Instagram will be coming out with new tools and features that will convince me to officially cut the Snapchat umbilical cord. Until then, you can still find me on both, but most likely more Insta stories.