5 Natural Anxiety Remedies

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Today’s post is not like my usual ones. I decided to share something that I deal with on a regular. Anxiety.

Here are 5 natural anxiety remedies I use when I’m feeling anxious and cannot sleep…

Stress ReLeaf Herbal Soft Gels: Because I refuse to take Xanax. These are completely natural supplements, which help reduce stress, restlessness, nervousness and anxiety.

Meditation: I decided to try this because I’ve heard nothing but positive things. I bought a singing bowl, and did notice how soothing and calm this method is. Taking deep breaths while doing this helps.

Lavender Oils: My sister-in-law is a firm believer of using oils.

Take a Time Out: Remove yourself from your computer, phone and anything related to social media, and take a break. I tried coloring and found it to be very therapeutic.

Earlobe Massages: I know what you’re thinking. That’s crazy!… So weird?… WTF? I thought the exact same. To be honest it’s very relaxing just like meditation.

I hope you find this to be helpful for you or anyone you know that deals with Anxiety. If you or anyone you know gets anxiety like I do, and have any suggestions or tips on how to deal with anxiety, please send my way. I’d love to hear new remedies that help!