Coconut Oil Beauty Routine

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Coconut oil is officially my go-to when it comes to my skin. I’ve decided to ditch a few of my regular beauty skin products and swap it out for some coconut oil. Here’s 5 ways I’ve incorporated coconut oil into my beauty routine…

1. Dry skin – I’ve been mainly using it on dry areas of my skin, such as my elbows, knees and heels. Just remember – a little goes a long way.

2. Scalp – I’ve been using a tiny amount on my scalp near my forehead to keep my scalp nicely moisturized without leaving it too oily. Again, use a small amount. Also makes a great hair serum.

3. Lips – makes a great lip balm.

4. Eyes – use around your eyes as a wrinkle control serum. The fatty acids help prevent wrinkles.

5. Legs – say good bye to your shaving cream. All you need is water.

Share how you use coconut oil in your everyday beauty routine!